The Secret to a Perfect Smoky Eye is Blending!

That's right ladies I said it once and I'll say it again!! The secret to a perfect smokey eye is all in the way you blend! Follow my lead and I 'll explain what I mean:

  • First get 3 colors that work well with your skin tone a light, a medium and a dark .
  • With a flat shader brush or your finger start with the light color and sweep it all over your eyelid right up to the brow bone. 
  • Then using the medium color and the tip of a fluffy brush blend the color into the eyelid crease (inside your eye socket) next use the dark shade on the outer V of you lid and blend, blend, and blend some more! 
  • Use your favorite black eyeliner to line you lash line and you've just created the "Perfect Smoky Eye". 

Just keep practicing and you'll be able a Smoky Eye Looks Pro!
*MAC has some great shades if they're in your budget... 

But if your a diva on a budget like me, you can get a great range of heavily pigmented colors from one of my favorite palettes that gives you so many combinations of my recommended 3 shades. 

Too be quite honest, my favorite shades are light pink, chocolate brown and black. Enjoy!!!


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